Conversations with queer creatives on their work, life, love, struggles, and hustle.



Co-hosts Renessa Ciampa and Jonah Kilday sit down with Queer Creatives across various industries and disciplines for a conversation about queer ideas, the creative process, love, struggles, and the hustle. Join the kiki each week (goddess willing) as they dive deep into their guests’ past, present, and future, to discuss the trials and tribulations of what it means to be a Queer Creative in today’s culture.

Ciampa and Kilday have been friends and working creatives for 20 years. Together they want to shed more light on the queer creative experience by providing a platform to the individuals who are shaping design, art and culture today. It’s entertainment, inspiration, and education all rolled into one (often ridiculous) conversation.




Renessa Ciampa

Hailing from Boston, MA, Renessa is the founder and Creative Director of Ciampa Creative, a multidisciplinary design firm working with boldfacing organizations, a co-founder of FELINE Magazine (the only fashion magazine by cats, for cats), and also dabbles in creative direction, set design, and styling for conceptual and fashion photography. Ciampa is also an obsessive over-thinker, hobby singer and dancer, and queer queen of abstract ramblings. She also has a master’s degree in Critical and Creative Thinking, so yes, she is a low-key woo-woo hippie.


Jonah Kilday

Jonah is the co-owner/Creative Director of MK Workshop, a Brooklyn-based boutique interior design studio specializing in textiles, furniture and interiors. His custom designs have been used by designers around the globe; and his clients include celebrities, writers, authors, and commercial clients. A lifetime comic book geek, Kilday is also a former bartender (now sober), singing waiter, failed model, and drag queen enthusiast. This podcast is his latest attempt to marry his personal faggotry with his attention seeking ego. Let’s hope this this works out better than those other gigs.

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